PXE Booting Shadow Protect

If you’ve purchased a copy of StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect and have a copy of their ShadowProtect CD, you may not realise that the ISO contains a WinPE WIM image that you use to PXE boot ShadowProtect over the network


Currently, we’re using Altiris 6.9 for image deployment and use the Altiris PXE service, but the ShadowProtect BOOT.WIM will work with any PXE boot server that supports WinPE

To add the ShadowProtect boot image in Altiris, open the PXE Configuration Utility, and add a New Boot Menu Option


From here you can select the ShadowProtect BOOT.WIM but I found that to be unreliable in Altiris 6.9. I ended up getting it to work by adding an Altiris WinPE boot image that it had created, and replaced the Altiris boot image with the ShadowProtect BOOT.WIM in Windows Explorer


To replace the default Altiris BOOT.WIM, take note of the “Final Location on PXE Server” on the menu option you’ve just created and browse to the file location for your deployment server, in our case

C:\Program Files\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\PXE\Images\MenuOption163\X86PC\sources


Simply replace the existing BOOT.WIM with the file from the ShadowProtect ISO and you’re finished

Next time you network boot a device, press F8 at the PXE menu to see all the menu items and ShadowProtect will be there!

The ShadowProtect ISO has drivers included for a lot of network cards, but if your device is fairly recent you may need to add NIC drivers after the ISO has loaded before you can backup a disk over the LAN