“…. I got a fever”

Well, after finding all sorts of great information from technical blogs everywhere to help me with work, research or whatever, the time has come to cowbell2contribute and try and give something back.  I hope that in the coming months this blog will contain useful information and How-to’s on ProCurve, Blade and Proliant HP equipment, Vista, Exchange, Active Directory, VMware and other network or server equipment that might be useful. 

We have just finished the budgeting process for 2009 and, pending approval on some items, have an idea of the projects that I will be part of over the next year or so. This means I have the opportunity to document and share our migration to Exchange 2007 and Office Communication Server, the  rollout of HP’s ProCurve Identity Management (IDM), Network Access Control and any other interesting projects I stumble across.

Over the next few days I’ll update the About page with my contact details and a blurb about what I do and the kind of things I’m interested in.


I have to give props to the man responsible for inspiring/motivating me to produce this blog, the great man, Lachlan Hardy.

If you’ve seen the video from SNL, you’ll understand what I mean when I say,

“Guess what? I got a fever! And the only prescription.. is more cowbell!”


In the meantime I’ll get busy and finish some of the half written posts that I’ve started…

– Greg