HP 2730p: machine is not in committed state

hp2730pA couple of weeks ago we ran into problems with our new fleet of 2730p Tablets where the machines weren’t booting into Vista. We had a version of the Black Screen of Death, KSOD, that was caused by something upsetting the Altiris SVS client on these machines. While we were troubleshooting the KSOD we tried  updating one of the machines with the latest drivers including the latest BIOS update for the machine from HP. After updating the BIOS to F.0A 31 Jul 2009, the machine rebooted and gave us this error as soon as the machine was powered on:

WARNING!!! – machine is not in committed state!

After some quick Googling I found others had the same issue after a BIOS update on various HP models. Resetting BIOS defaults and installing an older version didn’t make any difference.

Some people suggested running HPSetCfg 1.36, downloaded from here, or later to reset the serial and model number for the machine. This is a handy little tool from HP and runs from a bootable CD or USB stick, seemed to only want to work on FAT (not NTFS), and made the USB stick bootable with HPUSBFW.EXE. This worked nicely but did nothing to remove the Warning on boot….


After making my way to the end of that thread on itrc.hp.com I looked at the AMT settings. Checking the AMT settings in the BIOS showed that it was greyed out and not able to be enabled? Thinking that the machine needed a firmware update for the AMT to go with the BIOS update, I attempted to install the version from the HP site. This should have been the version that was on the machine, Dec 2008, since the machines were purchased in early 2009. The AMT update failed installation so I started the hunt for the AMT Branding Tool that was mentioned in the thread above and found here

This is straight from allaboutmicrosoft.net:

Swapped MB on a HP Elitebook 6930P and need get the serial number into BIOS.
At boot I get a message stating “Warning. Machine is not in committed state. Invalid serial number”, but when entering BIOS there is no way for me to enter it. Read on HP forums that I need HP SetConfig Utility 1.36 to do this, but I can’t find it anywhere. Does anyone have this program or maybe another solution that could help me?

Solution: Machine is not in committed state

use this tool. run it from a bootable flash drive.  read the readme.txt inside the archive.

I downloaded the AMT tool and copied it to the bootable USB stick that I’d used before. Because I copied the files to their own folder I had to run Brand.bat from the command line, should have run from autoexec.bat. The Tool checks the current settings and prompts you to see if you’d like to make changes

VPro Uncommitted
Descriptor Unlocked
Management Engine disabled
Flash Protection Override disabled

Do you want to enable or disable AMT now [Y, N]?

The text above is copied from the readme.txt that comes with the AMT tool, but is essentially the same as what I saw at the command line. After selecting Y to enable AMT, there was another prompt or two, followed by a reboot. On boot up the warning message was gone and entering the BIOS showed that the AMT was now enabled and I could change the AMT settings etc too!

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  1. solution found

    After replace the motherboard you will appears this error message

    Machine is not in committed state ”

    you can remove this error msg following steps

    1) download this this tool crate a bootable usb drive floppy drive


    2) then create a bootable usb pen drive or
    floppy disk and run when your booting
    your note book

    3) now its very easy to remove in the dos

    4) in the dos mode press dir then you will
    be able to see more types of tools and

    5) now you can see BRAND.bat, Run this
    tool and follow the instructions properly ..

    6) after you run this it will
    automatically restart.. then you want be
    able to see that error msg
    thank you..

  2. I did this and my problem resolved and also i have invalid serial number issue and for this i download the HPSetCfg and this problem also resolved.

    Thanks for the help.

  3. hi guyz,

    I would share ths thing with you, if the Serial Number is updating wrongly or the tool is used incorrectly, then the bios would get corrupted and need to flash bios.
    better contact vendor to get it done!

  4. I had the same problem on the Hp 4530 & when finally I give run the batch.bat command and try to enable AMT, it returns error ‘Vpro configuration not supported” error. Should I try to disable the AMT or could that cause irrecoverable damage. Any ideas? Thanks.

  5. nad
    I also have a HP 4530 and tried running the AMT Tool, but also recieved the same error “VPRO Configuration Not Supported”. Tried both enabling and disabling. Anyone have other tool or ideas?

  6. Do you still have the AMT branding tool? I have a disc with HPSetCfg but it doesn’t have the AMT tools on it.

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  8. Got the same message on HP ELITEBOOK 2740 boot from USB … then ran HPSETCFG.EXE then select X… reboot the unit – then the message is gone….! is you need the HPSETCFG.EXE send me an email to antoruiz@yahoo.com …. good luck -(Error Message – WARNING!!! – machine is not in committed state!)

  9. Has anyone got the AMT brand tool program I have tried to get this everywhere but no where has this to download please help….


  10. I did the procedure, but the problem is still not solved when I use brand.bat I have this message ”

    bad variable specification
    error level
    syntaxe error

    please i need your help

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