Daylight Saving, ProCurve and Time Synchronisation

Setting the new start and end dates for day light saving on your switches before daylight saving started would have been excellent planning and forward thinking. However, if your like me and didn’t remember until you rolled into work on Monday morning, three weeks ago, then here are the commands to get your switches back under control.

If you have a time server on your network you can set your switches to sync with it, otherwise you can set the switches to sync with an external time server if your firewall allows.

switch# conf

switch# sntp server

switch# timesync sntp

switch# sntp unicast

switch# time daylight-time user-defined begin-date 5/10 end-date 5/4

switch# wr mem

If you have a time server on your network, substitute from line 2 with the name or IP of your time server

Error tracking can be tedious at the best of times, but if the time on your network and switches is correct and consistent across devices then the job is easier for you and your team.