Pushing Microsoft Interactive Classroom

The Microsoft Interactive Classroom is a nifty tool for teachers to share their PowerPoint presentation with students running OneNote

“With Microsoft Interactive Classroom, students participate like never before while staying up-to-speed on instructor notes. It gives educators the power to add in-class polling and to share lessons over a wireless network. If a teacher updates a presentation, students capture the notes in real-time via Microsoft OneNote.”

Our staff trainer presented this to the teachers last night and with 460 student netbooks on campus, with another 320 coming in December, should get a bit of use.

We extracted the files from ICSetup.exe and used Altiris to push the InteractiveClassroom_O14.en-US_x86.MSI silently to our staff tablets and student netbooks. PowerPoint and OneNote gain an Academic menu which in PowerPoint is used to start a shared preso, and in OneNote is used to connect to the preso.

Even though we have separate VLAN’s for staff and students it was easy to get the machines talking to each other over the network. Most traffic seems to be over port 80, which is what we have allowed. The only restriction is that students have to manually enter the name of the staff machine to join the session